Ethereum CryptoCurrency Mining Rig Nvidia 1060s


6 Card rig 1060 – including VA, Hash rate 150 Mhash per second.
The 1060 6 card rig is the rig of choice for professionals or amateurs alike. With the highest hash rate per second vs cost of card, this is a great investment for any serious miner. Contact us for more info.

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Product information on the Ethereum GPU AMD Miner type 140MH / s

Ethereum also known as Ether or ETH is already the best and most likely successor to the Bitcoin currency, Ethereum is a willing cryptocurrency whose popularity rises sharply because its mining can be very profitable. Many predictors and online Ethereum professionals predict and expect the currency to only increase in value. If the value of Ether indeed continues to increase, then you are well on the way to success with the mining process and investing in an Ethereum Miner!

Support coins
Despite the fact that our miner is called an Ethereum Miner, other coins can be mined with this miner. Therefore, should there ever be a POW (Proof of Work) in a POS (Proof of Stake), a different currency can be directly modified by a simple change.

Supported coins are: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, ZCash, CryptoNight, Expanse, Hush, Zencash, Ubiq, FeatherCoin, PhoenixCoin, Soilcoin, Siacoin and all other GPU based mining coins

Specifications of our Ethereum Miner 140 MH/s

Chassis Black Steel case
Processor Intel CPU Celeron/Pentium
Mainboard Asrock H81 BTC 2.0 – 6 PCI-E
GPU 6 x Nvidia 6gb 1060
Memory 4 GB DDR4
Harddisk 32GB USB
Power Supply
850 Watt Gold Power Supply
Operating System SMOS (Linux)
Usage 620 Watt

Our ethereum mining rigs are designed specifically for Ethereum coins / cryptocurrencies and also with this specific software installed. With this miner you will receive about 150 MH / s mines equivalent to about € 32.00 a day! (Calculates: 15-06-2017, This is obviously entirely dependent on the currency value / rate and the hash rate of the ethereal network and can change daily)

Our method
After we receive your order we will put the Ethereum miner together step by step. We install the miner so that you can get started with the miner immediately upon receipt. The computer will start automatically and the software to mines ethereal is also started immediately. (In case of power failure, the computer will switch itself on and turn off). Your mining computer is always tested extensively before sending it! Once we are sure that the miner is running stable, this FREE will be shipped to you. At the miner we always install the TeamViewer program, we can manage your miner remotely (from another computer). (of course with permission)

This is a new product with associated factory warranty (s). We provide standard 3 year warranty and lifelong support through team viewer at our Ethereum Miners. If you have any questions about the warranty or support you can always email us at

Plug-and-Play and ready to go!
All of our offered Ethereum Miners have been fully tested by our own people before we send this FREE to you. When you receive the order you can start the mining process immediately.

You really only need to plug the plug into the socket and start the mining process for ETH ethereum (ether). So you’re definitely Plug and Play ready to go!


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